Glendon Mellow
Art in Awe of Science

Glendon Mellow, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours.

My art has been featured in numerous science blogs, magazines, books and book covers, and exhibits illustrating the intersection of art + science. I also give talks about my own work, the importance of social media to art promotion, and the growing field of #SciArt.

You can view my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my experiences in science communication, social media management, talks & presentations, and professional illustration. I am currently available for freelance work and speaking engagements. 

The Flying Trilobite - my personal art blog has been running for over 10 years. Art in progress, personal news, and way too many damn opinions on things. 

Symbiartic - our science-art blog appeared on the Scientific American magazine blog network for 5.5 years, and has relaunched as a new stand-alone home. Check for news, interviews, and art analysis written by my co-bloggers Kalliopi Monoyios, Katie McKissick and myself.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my wife Michelle and our 2 boys.

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