15 Years

Happy 15th Anniversary, Michelle. 


You enchant, fascinate, and thrill me. That rainy October evening 15 years ago has led us to so many incredible memories. I hope we have many more. 

Scenic commute home

Caught the sky displaying a great colour down at Sugar Beach.  

Caught the sky displaying a great colour down at Sugar Beach.  


18km instead of the usual 4km. Perfect warm autumn weather for a bike ride. 

Rosedale Valley Rd > Don Valley > Martin Goodman Trail along the waterfront > up Bathurst St to home. My new Jamis bike is fantastic. 


Alien Spy Drone


Alien spy drone for #inktoberday9. I had a picture in my head and tried to draw it. 

i wanted to draw something we wouldn’t understand by looking at it. The concept would probably work better if I had it floating in a Norman Rockwell-esque Main Street kind of scene. Kid walking his dog, store owner sweeping out front and here’s this weird thing.  


Ankylosaur-Minotaur - Inktober 7


Ankylosaur-Minotaur is bleating and wishes to box you. Clean fight, no scute-knuckles.  

This is #Inktober number 7. Sketched a terrible little feathered dinosaur standing on its own tail and a Charizard Mega X (for my son) before doing this fine fellow.