Lungs + Blogs + Flying Trilobite accolades

After posting about my own experiences with my asthma and flying in airplanes, the conversation continued in other blogs.

Blue Collar Scientist produced an insightful and shocking post about asthma, it's links to suicidal thoughts, and school policies that lead to tragedy. Ensuing comments and posts over at Blue Collar Scientist's blog led to me garnering a weekly comment award when I assume Mr. Scientist hadn't had enough sleep after staring at nebulae for too long.

A similarity in maintaining our lungs was found between Zach of When Pigs Fly Returns and myself, in that both of us thank our wives for their support in maintaining our bronchioles. Zach has written a revealing post about living with cystic fibrosis. Go for the lungs, stay for the dragons. No really, keep scrolling down until you start finding this impressive artist's dragon sculptures.

Have an asthma or lung-related story? Give one of our posts a link, and continue the conversation.

Elsewhere, some splendid things were said about my art. I love being included as an "internet wonder", so thanks to Splendid Elles. This atheist and skeptic is kinda off the wall and has her own opinions. I like blogs that don't act as mouthpieces for other blogs.

My new shale puzzle-painting has caught the calcium-carbonate compound eye of eTrilobite, who thought it was one of the three best articles read this week - and I've barely started! High praise indeed from another accomplished paleoartist. Spend some time at eTrilobite, won't you? Walcott's Quarry is great fun, and you can shop for author-artist Trilobite's amazing paleo-themed clothing.

The Flying Trilobite is sometimes also popular in other languages. Nifty! Le soledad del excentrico has me on their blogroll. Also, I was added to the feast on The Neural Gourmet's blogroll. *beaming*

If this keeps up I will continue to become a better and better artist. We have to feed our over-inflated egos to produce our best work. *wink*
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