Artwork Mondays: White Trilobite

Not every painting is close enough to perfect for the artist to feel happy about it. Sometimes I hesitate to post sketches, fretting I'm not putting my best foot forward. This oil painting is a sketch too, of sorts, although at the time I intended it to become a final illustration.

A few years ago, I had an idea for a story book, about a trilobite on a quest. It would have been a bit dream-like as far as narrative, mostly a thin thread tying together a series of images I had in mind. This was to be the first illustration, a trilobite illuminated by a powerful shaft of light from an angler fish or other bioluminescent denizen of the deep.

The image is missing an entry point for the viewer, either a fish or person watching the scene alongside our view, or a nearby plant. There is nothing floating in the murk in the distance, or any refuge points for the viewer to grasp on to. The composition needs a lot of work. And our hero needs eyes and maybe even some corrected anatomy.

It is possible I've grown enough as an artist I could paint the rest to my satisfaction, and even a few simple circular white flecks done hastily in Photoshop have piqued my interest again. I like the idea of a trilobite able to change its colour to match its environment like a squid or chameleaon, and it would have throughout the story.

So many ideas, so little time.
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