Artwork Mondays: Forever Painting II

How do I follow the last few blog posts?

Drugs and inspiration, a cocktail party with other science-oriented artsy-types, coined a word which I fully expect Webster's dictionary to include this year, offered art for sale in support of an important event, and I have a blog banner featured on The Meming of Life. What to do, what to do?

I offer this humble sketch, an early preliminary for The Forever Painting II.

The Forever Painting was my largest oil painting, and involved many of the themes I has worked on for the previous several years. Perhaps the new one will do the same? At the moment I am considering clouds and a bright blue sky in order to make this one a more hopeful counterpoint to the original, below.

- - -

(Today is Tuesday, and this is an Artwork Monday post. Does it mitigate my circumstances to say yesterday involved a VIP turning 7 years old, wearing explorer hats, being paranoid about peach-eating velociraptors and treasure-guarding mummies?)

(How does an atheist-artist perform penance? Shall I paint a religious scene of some sort?)

- -
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