PZ Myers is coming to Toronto - Poster

PZ Myers of Pharyngula is coming to Toronto to give a lecture about science and religion in education, and I've made a poster for the Centre for Inquiry Ontario.

See if you can figure out the symbols I used.

You can read more about the event and how to get a ticket, here. Or better yet if you live in the Toronto area, help support science and rational thought by becoming a friend of the Centre. Many of the events are free and they've got a staggering new library.

I'm looking forward to it. Like many people, after reading Richard Dawkins site for a while, I began to take notice of this PZ Myers fellow that kept cropping up.

I'm also looking forward to seeing this poster around U of T campus. I'll see if I can get any photos of it up, and I'll post them with the rough sketch and painting on the next Artwork Monday. As well, I'll explain the symbols - and let you know the explanations other people had for them!

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