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The Flying Trilobite is nominated in The Canadian Blog Awards! You can find my blog listed in the Photo-Art category.
Vote for some art in awe of science! First round of voting ends November 29th, so click that tiny circle. You know you love clicking tiny circles. You knooow it.

(And don't forget to vote for Traumador the Tyrannosaur in the Be
st Canadian Sci-Tech category!)
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You can also nominate past posts from The Flying Trilobite for inclusion in OpenLab08, the best of science blogging on the web!

The competition accepts cartoons, so just specify if you are nominating my whole post or just my artwork. Simply use this form to nominate a past post!

And hurry! Nominations close November 30th! You lurve filling out online forms, right?
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If you need a reminder of Flying Trilobite art & science goodies, may I direct you to the art links in my sidebar? You can click on oil paint, pencil drawings, or even paintings on shale. Remember, items in my gallery only count if you nominate the blog post they appeared in.

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