Arrival at ScienceOnline '09

After a very strange black-out that knocked out power for a huge chunk of Toronto's west end and after braving public transit to the airport due to the aforementioned black-out, I made it to ScienceOnline 09!

Managed to get a couple of drawings started in my advance-copy Moleskine 9x12 sketchbook too, including some rough work on my new Darwin Day piece, and a weird little opabinia with a sort of tail-net thing.

I feel pretty lucky to be here. Less than two years of posting pictures of anatomically incorrect arthropods, and I'll get to meet a ton of science-bloggers I love to read, and I'm sure, meet many more I'll be happy to know.

A big thanks to all the sponsors, Bora, Anton, David, Enrico and the rest.

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