Darwin Took Steps featured on Secular Nation magazine cover

Starting the new year with stairs from a venerable mind.

Darwin Took Steps
, has been featured on the cover of Secular Nation Magazine, the Jan-Mar 2009 issue!

A big thank you to Editor-in-Chief Tom Melchiorre for asking to reproduce this oil painting of our man Charles and promoting the importance of the theory of evolution by natural selection in this important year. And thanks for the great cover design from this terribly biased illustrator.

The version used on the cover is the one I sometimes think of as "Darwin Took Steps mark I". It's the original photo of the painting (with some Photoshop tweaks) when it was still wet and featured on The Eloquent Atheist for Darwin Day last year.

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I hope to have some more news shortly about Darwin Took Steps appearing on another publication in the near future. This is my first print-and-published work for a magazine, so I'm feelin' proud.

Support Atheist Alliance and pick up a copy of Secular Nation for a Darwin Day whirlwind.

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