Art & Marriage in brief

Over at Gurney Journey, artist-illustrator James Gurney has raised the topic of being an artist and how it affects the ones we love.

There are dozens of fascinating responses pouring in. Here is my own:
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Since we met (in a gothy dance club), I have been captivated by my wife's grace, beauty and movement. Early on, we both realized we shared a love for fairy-illustrations. Our second date was viewing the Victorian Fairy Art exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. As such, she remains a muse and subject of many still-life studies.

I work a full-time job, and have been the main bread winner while she has pursued her education. Art is the perilous whirlwind surrounding my full and happy life.

Since beginning my blog almost 2 years ago, the practice of continually yanking some art studio time into my life has been made easier by my wife's encouragement and advice. She is not a painter, but an educator, and I'm incredibly lucky.

To Erik Bongers; I love the idea of that contract, and I marvel in comparison to my own life how I could not make that work! The tumultuous unexpected has a way of making a presence.

Great topic, James, yielding interesting responses.
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