Open Laboratory 2008 launch!

It's here!

A big gaudy tail feather in my cap.

Thanks to Dave Ng of The World's Fair for a fun collaboration, and making my artwork look so good. Dave and I backed-and-forthed with the cover a bit, along with input from editor Jennifer Rohn of Mind the Gap and series editor Bora Zivkovic of A Blog Around the Clock. Dave did the heavy lifting, I just smeared the background around and tried not to crave chocolate-favoured coffee while I did it.

There's a ton of exciting entries I can't wait to read. My first book cover, and second publication within just a few weeks! I plan on waltzing around town with this book, letting people judge it by its cover.

Remember too, purchase of Open Laboratory 2008 goes to supporting next year's ScienceOnline unconference. This book is crafted for the love of reading science online.

You can find badges supporting the book, as well as a list of the editors, and blogs that are doing a shout-out all at A Blog Around the Clock.

Whaddaya think? Do we need a brief "making of" post?

(The Darwin image featured here is available in a variety of t-shirts from RedBubble. A portion of the proceeds goes toward The Beagle Project.)

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow under Creative Commons Licence.
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