Art Monday: Durer's mum

Been thinking about my university days a lot lately. Not sure why.

Until I was in my 4th year, I had never undertaken to copy the artwork of a great master to advance my own work. As far back as high school, friends of mine and I eschewed copying as a stunt some of our peers were adept at, but which didn't lend itself to learning. Copying still life was fine; the strokes of the pencil or brush were our own. So much better than a copy of a copy.

During a class on historical techniques and materials, I d
iscovered how wrong I had been. Re-discovering each stroke a master like Albrecht Durer had made allowed me to romanticize a connection of minds while I worked. It took surprisingly little time to complete the assignment (I'll let others judge if it should have take me more time).

Here are my drawings compared with the originals by Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) of Nuremberg, arguably the the master of Northern Renaissance Europe.

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