One comment dissing supernatural forces later...

...And suddenly I'm getting creationist diatribes in my inbox. I've painted Darwin, drawn Dawkins, supported the Beagle, sported a scarlet "A", repeatedly stated how old trilobite fossils are, and now I get these?

Some people calling themselves Alex & Sue in the U.K. sent me email regarding apes and humans not being as closely related as once thought, with restraint shown to the amount of Biblical quotes thrown in. And another about the Flood and dinosaurs and the Earth being 4,300 years old. Weak attempts at quoting New Scientist and Stephen Jay Gould.

From some folks calling themselves "mail for truth at sky dot com". Future emails from them will be blocked.

As I said in my last post, please remove the holy book from your mouth before you start speaking. Otherwise I can't understand you. I really don't mean to be flippant, but starting from the end you wish to reach is no way to make an argument.

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