In the works: self-portrait for Drawing Day

Tomorrow is the second annual Drawing Day, as I discovered a recently. The goal is to see over 1 million drawings be uploaded onto the intertubes to remind people of the fun/magic/horror/whymightymonkeywhy of making marks.

I plan on putting up some pieces that have been sitting around the ol' sketchbooks.

Yesterday I made it a mission to do a self-portrait, and I am almost complete. A perfectly vain and pompous project for my birthday. It is only intended to be in pencil, but looking at it, I think I could make use of my tablet and colourize this one down the road. I downloaded Gimp a while back, the free imaging program, and maybe this would be a worthy experiment.

That black stuff behind the head? Not sure what that is? One friend suggested it's my ego.

Hm. It's missing my freckles. Drawing should be completed tomorrow for Drawing Day!
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