Fanboy Monday: Fanboy Month Begins at the Ent

Lately I've been filling my sketchbook with some of my favourite characters from various pop culture franchises in a very fanboy-ish manner. So for the month of August, expect each Art Monday to feature something fun and different from usual Flying Trilobite fare. There are still a number of paintings not under the fanboy umbrella that I aim to crank out this month. Y'see I'm practicing not-sleeping for when I return to school in September.

Today, let's begin at the Ent.

Pencil in my super-awesome giant Moleskine Folio. I created this piece for Henry Gee and the magazine Mallorn. (I'm hoping it sees publication! Naked desire! There!) Henry was looking for something different than the work of Peter Jackson's films, or D&D derived imagery. I knew almost right away I wanted to do an Ent walking surrealistically on tiny roots and eyes blinking out of knots.

I think it's going to eat the wizard-dude though.
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Next week: let's bust out some Marvel Comics, shall we?
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