Meeting Bloggers: Blue Future

The list of bloggers I'd love to meet is long, but the list of them who I feel like I've already met is pretty short.

Leading the pack in so many ways is Mike Haubrich of Tangled Up In Blue Guy.

Mike has continually written insightful posts on such a wide range of topics, he's easy to get to know. His intellectual understanding of the angst and weariness atheists often feel does not stop him from standing firm against the tide of religion-state trends harrowing the U.S. Just read the gentlemanly (and I say as a compliment, typical) atheistic way Mike dealt with Ramadan and DQ Frozen Cake. He doesn't scream and froth, he elucidates.

Mike has also habitually been a big booster of my artwork, not only on his blog and mine, but others as well. If it wasn't for Mike, Dan and I might have remained in broken-email-limbo instead of making the Migrations banner, which I like to think turned out fantastically well. I've taken inspiration from his support and friendship on more than one occasion. And if I think back, Mike is one of the people who first got me thinking about the wild and wonderful Beagle Project. Over Facebook, Mike has introduced me to interesting people such as Stephanie Svan. When I was at Science Online '09, it almost felt like he was there.

When I think about blogging, I think about Tangled Up In Blue Guy. Happy Birthday, Mike! One day, let's stand on the deck of the Beagle together and have a cup of joe.

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