Art Monday: practicing with Brushes

The Brushes app on my iPod Touch always makes for an interesting diversion in those odd moments - standing and waiting for a friend, a short streetcar ride.

I've been practicing a bit to get more detail. The control over opacity and the colour picker are terrific. My one grumble with this elegant little program is in using small brushes.

(Click to enlarge - probably to bigger than it appears when I'm working on it!)

There are three brushes, smooth to coarse, and a slider to alter the width. The problem is the slider is real touchy at the narrow end. So duplicating a "pencil" sized line becomes a real challenge.

I've been working on this face off and on, trying to play with wrinkles and textures, and generally get a handle on the program. A lot of the proportions are off, (and the purplish glowing eyes are possibly a bit creepy) but it's for the sake of the exercise.

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