Art Monday: the end of Art Monday?

Since April 2008, I have been posting artwork every Monday. Sometimes a behind-the-scenes look at my process, often brand new paintings and drawings, and the odd re-post. It`s almost two years! The impetus to do this was borne out of wanting some regularity on The Flying Trilobite, and a schedule that challenged me. Certainly my traffic tends to spike on Mondays, sometimes even when I`m late in posting I can see people are checking in to see if I`ve screwed up thee anatomy of another arthropod.

It`s time for Art Mondays to end.

Lately I find I am rushing artwork to make the deadline, or posting pieces in haste and not getting back to them. I have a list of incomplete work that`s growing all the time. It`s not as fun as it was, and I`m trying to free my life of self-imposed constraints.

Being back in school this year has me reassessing a lot of things about my career and artistic life. I feel bolder and braver with my art materials and ideas. I will graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in a few weeks, and have begun exploring options to professionally move to more freelance. Most of the commissions and publications I have been in the last few years have come to me, so I have started knocking on some doors to seek commissions out.

I hesitated to write this final Art Monday, -I enjoy the structure - I actually planned to post this last week! I will continue to post art, and hopefully by this summer, I`ll be posting it more often than once a week anyway.

Time to let the flying trilobite out of its stony chrysalis and let it glide free of a weekly rhythm.

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