Art Monday: rough dinosaur

The Art Evolved Therizinosaur gallery will be launching in the next 24 hours, and well, I'm not ready to submit. It's been a busy February. I've been taking a few steps to try and balance things better in my life. The work/blog/freelance/school/family time needs to be integrated better, and not in that order of importance.

At any rate, here's what I was working on. Maybe I'll come back to it some time.

After sketching in pencil in my Moleskine, I worked on this sketch in ArtRage.Click to enlarge if you wanna.

The idea was to have a small group of explorers climb down a rope and see this huge feathered therizinosaur sitting in a brass filigree cage - with many damaged bars. Actually, considering how close the therizinosar looks to a Jabberwocky, that may as well be Alice standing there (Yeah, I'm excited to see Tim Buton's latest.)

I based the therizinosaur's pose on my parrot I used to have, Sam. He was a blue-front Amazon, and would often display his wings one at a time, his tail feathers and feathers on his neck.

Here's me and Sam back in the day.

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