Final. Art. Project. *gasp*

Top view.

Front view.
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Back view.

Peeking inside.

A look from the back.

Side view of the paint dripping down.

© Glendon Mellow 2010
Mixed media: oil paint on slate, acrylic string gel, wood, wire

* * *
This was the final project of my undergraduate career. The original version, handed in a week ago was poorly constructed and fell apart immediately after class. I admit - I have a painter's vanity, and spent waaaay more time on the painting than the construction of the cube. So, with instructions from my professor to tweak some things and add some things, I re-worked the cube.

And lugged tons of heavy, delicate-and-flaky painted stone on a 90 minute commute back to school and reassembled it.

Aesthetically, my aim was to create something you could look at from multiple angles and keep discovering new things. Scientifically, I wanted to mess with the idea of the descent of a made-up winged trilobite: this idea changed into a whimsical look at the fossils and artifacts in the flying trilobite's soil.

Degree. Done!

Thanks to all my friends and family and bloggy friends and commenters for all their support. And especially, thanks to my wife Michelle for all of her encouragement and help in me going back to school. You rock.

I'll post grad photos in June.

You can see the process of this here: one, two, three, four.

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow B.F.A.
under Creative Commons Licence.

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"How many wood glues died to make this project?! You monster!"