Computer back, my brain reboots. Huh.

Turned out to be a motherboard problem with the HP Pavilion I bought last August. Thanks to Geek Squad, a warranty and me obstinately figuring out how to reload my backed up files, everything is running again.

I lost the rest of the photos from the zoo - don't wait for your weekly back-up kids! - but all things considered, not so bad.

Thankfully I was smack-dab between two commissions, (and one was traditional oils all the way!) and could check email via my wi-fi and iPod Touch. My mother-in-law let us borrow an older 'puter, and now we have two.

Except for the backing up not-supposed-to-be-in-there files in my D:/ drive, it's all good. Now to get back into the swing of things here, at Art Evolved, and at SONSI.

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