Trilobite Boy - gargoyle progress #3

Took a bit of time this morning to work on my Trilobite Boy - gargoyle piece.  I may not end up calling it that.

Click to enlarge a bit.

Played with some gradient stencils in ArtRage, and I think it came out okay.  Still need to finish his combat boots, the gargoyles, rooftop, building across the street.  Originally I wanted to leave the wings unfinished and ghostly, since Trilobite Boy doesn't typically have them.  But I like the sky/horizon and maybe they do need a bit of colour. 

I like this close-up. 
It's kind of a depressing piece, which I wanted.  Lots of blues, and Trilobite Boy just ruminating.

This morning I read
this piece by Jonah Lehrer about depression and creativity.  And then I watched this.

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