Why don't more science bloggers cite their images?

A rant.

This is a particular gripe of mine that I have brought up from time to time on various other blogs.  Seems only fair I bring it up here.
I wish more science bloggers would cite their images. The illustrations used are often completely uncredited, as if they are unimportant embellishments to the articles.  If they were unimportant, than they are unnecessary for a blog post.  I think most bloggers realize images are valuable hooks and enhancements of their points, yet they treat them like stickers to plaster on their primary-school binder.

To be fair, all the blogs I linked to above quickly linked the images - they're great bloggers I enjoy reading.  It's an oversight: a common one. 

And It isn't only science bloggers, I know.  Most science bloggers will go to the trouble of citing and linking the sources for their articles, however. Why not a quick caption?  A link?  A citation in the footnotes? 

 An illustrator has gone to school, is scientifically literate and works hard to contribute, and receives no credit.

Drives me bonkers.

Earlier this year, I attempted to raise some awareness by making this little badge:

Maybe I need to start a once-a-week list of bloggers who go to the trouble of linking and citing artists and illustrators. Or finding a way to graffiti their comments. 

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