Baby update

Time for a baby update.

announced a few months ago that my wife and I are expecting a baby, our first.  Everything is healthy and fine.  The official due date is December 21st, but we're wondering if it may be earlier: our spectacular obstetrician thinks it's likely. The again, 1st babies are often late they say, so who knows.

I haven't blogged or produced much art last week while I did some temporary part-time work, and made sure things are ready for the baby.  I'm ridiculously excited to meet the little guy. 

Family and friend support has been wonderful and fun - we can clothe him until he's 18 if he likes onesies.  Our Nephew (age 9), is excited, and recently hunted for coupons for baby items in a flyer, of his own volition. We even received a gift from a blogger, the inimitable Scicurious!  Thanks for the keen hand-made blanket, Sci! 

Applying a cherry blossom wall sticker. Michelle told me we were expecting high Park, when the blossoms were in bloom and redwing blackbirds and butterflies were all around. Yeah: she's awesome. 
Southern Ontario Butterfly mobile. 
Mirrored swallows on the wall.
The blanket from Sci is on the crib, and the Jack Skellington was a gift from friend and blogger Chris Zenga

So, in addition to attempting to make an illustration career for myself, I'll be finding a new work/life balance.  Up until October, I was working the full-time management job, and making art and blogging in the wee hours of the mornings and evenings, and it drove my wife nuts;I was incapable of relaxing. We discussed this move to full-time freelancing, knowing we're expecting the little guy; it's been educational in figuring out what I want to do next, and a number of tentative offers have come in.  Next, I'll likely return to some full- or part-time work while balancing family, illustration and blogging and work.

Sleep is for the weak.

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