Scumble #10


"A painting technique in which semi-opaque or thin opaque colors are loosely brushed over an underpainted area so that patches of the color beneath show through." 
From The Artist's Handbook, by Ray Smith.  

A weekly highlight of some of posts I found interesting, most provocative, or otherwise caught my eye from the Science Artists Feed, and other sources. Sit back, have a latte with cinnamon (no foam) and enjoy.

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Imagine that: Images of nature shaping science, by Kat Austen, CultureL
ab. Yay!  This sounds excellent.

Art and Science, host Desiree Schell, Skeptically Speaking podcast, interviews with Glendon Mellow, Jenna Marie Griffith and Lauren Redniss.

Science, Love, and Radium, Clever Girl.  Jenn Hall reviews Lauren Redniss's new graphic novel.

Dinos Vs. Han Solo - Art Evolved.  It is what you think. Art by Jerry D. Harris Luke Campbell. (Thanks for catching my goof, ScottE!

Whoah. Few places on earth feel so otherworldly, An Eye for Science.

Canada geese design featured on gold coin!, News from the Studio.

Jessica Harrison is our new Hero, Hybrids of Art and Science.

ScienceOnline special: A Tale of Two Diablos, Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs and Illustrating Dinosaurs: What's the difference?, drip.  Two important posts where a researcher defends his scientific illustrator from plagiarism, and bloggers show it just isn't so.

My Tyrrell Talk, Weapon of Mass Imagination.

Pareidolia, Illusions & Art, The Art of a Carbon-Based Lifeform.

5 steps to proper image use on blogs - a #scio11 tutorial, The Flying Trilobite.

ScienceOnline special: Gwawinapterus, Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs.

The Great Big ScienceOnline Wrap-up, Love in the Time of the Chasmosaurs. David discusses the session about science-art.

Animal Art Online Exhibit, Heather Ward Wildlife Art.  Penguins!

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow