Style Question

As I wander aimlessly in the woods of a webcomic sketchy experiment thing in an attempt to both develop new skills and get the Trilobite Boy story down, I come to the question of style. Here are all the panels so far, in order, of the Trilobite Boy webcomic. Click to enlarge.

What's your favourite image so far?

Spoilers after the jump: 

Here's the basic gist of the story, which pertains to the style in which I tell it. As revealed on my Facebook Fan Page in discussion there.
Trilobite Boy goes to sleep, enrolls like an armadillo (or er, like a trilobite) and when he does that, he wakes up in other times and places. Just as the Toronto in the story is not identical to the real one (we don't have a Crinoid Tower), neither are the places he will visit. For example, he may visit an alternate WWI as in my painting Billy Barker and his Pterosaur Squadron (full image here).

The same character will always appear to tell him to wake up. And he will. Eventually he will understand something awful is happening after he leaves the other times and places, something pursuing him in his sleep.

The rest of the time, he's just a regular teenage skater living in Toronto, playing in a band hanging with hipster friends and going for appointments at the museum.

Ideally, I'd love to do an art style like #5 above where he arrives at the Museum for the "real world" stuff. And something closer to my oil paintings when he's dreaming. The style for the first three panels above was mostly an exercise to try speed painting and make sure I'm painting every day. But it's hard for a dyed-in-the-canvas oil painter like me to accept the quality. The downside is taking forever to finish it.

Thanks to the Facebook fans who've already weighed in - would love some more thoughts on this. 

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Original artwork on The Flying Trilobite Copyright to Glendon Mellow