Illustration blogging: why it's essential - a SONSI discussion

This post is mainly a supplementary series of links and points accompanying our discussion, "Illustration blogging: why it's essential" at SONSI's 2011 Presentation Day

"...The big problem isn't piracy, it's obscurity." - Cory Doctorow after Tim O-Reilly.

What is a blog?

-Creators, Groups and Curators (example1 example2 example3)
-Netiquette in the blogosphere (blogrolls, rss feeds)

Selected reading: Blogs: face the conversation, by Bora Zivkovic, A Blog Around the Clock.

Why do artists and illustrators need a blog?

-Self-promotion (Art Mondays)
-Community (#10oclockart)
-Who is it for? (remember the audience, pull back the curtain)

A brief note on the preciousness of your images: Let it go.
-Creative Commons Licences
-dying of exposure vs hoarding

Selected reading:
In the digital era free is easy, so how do you persuade people to pay? by Cory Doctorow, The Guardian. 

What do we want copyright to do? by Cory Doctorow, the Guardian.


-How accurate is possible? 
-What are they for? Illustrating a point, showing off work, hoping for new work?
-The problem with heavy watermarks and disabling right-clicking.
Selected reading: How Not To Display Your Artwork on the Web, Charley Parker, Lines and Colors.

A brief note on the preciousness of your images: Protect everyone.
-Google Reverse Image Search
Selected reading: It's time for Illustrators to take back the Net, by Glendon Mellow, Symbiartic.

Common Blog Platforms


-Building a blog. Let's make one right now in session.
-Blogger Dynamic Views

Widgets and stats.

Twitter - Microblogging.

G+ - Why Google+ is the new hotness.
-A quick look 

Why illustrators need to blog. Summary and further discussion.

A couple of fun links.
Should I work for free - Flowchart by Jessica Hische
See something, cite something - Flowchart by Rosscott, Inc.

If you attended the discussion and would like clarification or help with anything we discussed, comment or email me!  Happy to help.

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