Movember's End

The itchy 'stache is gone. 

My thanks to Christian & Sheilagh, Sherry and Charles, Joe and Patricia, and Shereen and Lex for their contributions to my Movember campaign on the Crusty and Dusty team. Thanks for helping me support men's health by messing with my face. 

And now what you wanted to know you didn't know you didn't want: some photos of me hamming it up for Movember. 

Week 1: 

Week 2:

You're not looking at my moustache. You're looking at the baby.

Week 4:

Ah, Instagram. Coupla more years, and this is gonna be like lens flare
and we'll all think these faux-retro photos look stupid. My moustache is however, magnificent.
...aaaaand, back to the cowboy hat. 

Thanks everyone!  Especially my long-suffering wife Michelle. 

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