Seeing Star Wars Like A Kid Again

Photo © Star Wars, JJ Abrams, Disney and maybe FIFA.

Photo © Star Wars, JJ Abrams, Disney and maybe FIFA.

Star Wars has been a huge source of inspiration and I annoyingly defend the prequels. In public and online. For me, the movies have never been about the dialogue, and yeah, they have problems. That's not the most important thing to me. 

They are about me, at 9 years old lugging around my 3 heavy Art of Star Wars concept art books everywhere I went until the glue in the bindings failed. Looking through all the concepts that didn't make it into the films set my mind on fire, and I drew and drew and drew. I made up my own aliens and scenes. Star Wars is about unfettered creativity brought to life. 

I was 3 when the first Star Wars came out. I got to see the Prequels through the eyes of our nephew as he was growing up, and we talked about morality and how someone like Padme could love someone who makes bad decisions like Anakin did. And now my two boys are going to grow up with a new trilogy.

So in this roundabout way, I would like to thank concept artists past and present, and the effects artists for inspiring generations of my family.