Welcome to the New glendonmellow.com

Welcome to my new website!  

Finally now you can find all of my artwork, Trilobite Boy, tattoo designs and The Flying Trilobite blog all in one place. The Flying Trilobite blog has been going for over 7 years on Google's Blogger platform, and for the first time, I have decided to continue my blog on an integrated site with my portfolio, here on Squarespace. At the moment I have the native commenting system enabled, though I may switch to Disqus. 

Why the change from the free Blogger to a subscription to Squarespace? It really came down to  revitalization. Today is my 40th birthday and now, as a father of 2 with a stable and cool job, I really want to make sure I recommit to my artwork. Too many projects the past few years have lingered. I'm feeling charged up and ready to advance my skill and portfolio. 

Explore, give me feedback, and let me know what you think about the art. Hopefully you'll find some that are new to you, and there are more coming - I think there are at least half a dozen you haven't seen yet, so make sure you join The Flying Trilobite Army and keep up with me via RSS. 

Blogging can be important: when I started blogging 7 years ago, I never imagined it would lead to giving talks about illustration & social media, blogging for Scientific American, promoting community with other sciartists, working for INVIVO and meeting so many people who help my work matter. 

In case glendonmellow.com has not propagated through the internet yet, you can get here by going to http://glendon-mellow.squarespace.com . 

Thanks to my friends for their opinions while this site was being built, including Eric, Nevin, Paul, Scicurious, Katie, Kalliopi and especially my wife Michelle and all of my art fans. 

Expect some more big projects to be announced here soon!