Artistic Discipline for 2015


Knowledge Pupates. So does creativity. My 2014 was brimming with ideas smothered in exhaustion. Looking forward to giving those creative ideas a workout in 2015.

As the new year starts it has become apparent that to juggle full time work, my part-time gig at Symbiartic on Scientific American and freelance work, (as well as being a husband and dad and sleeping on occasion) I need greater discipline in sticking to a set routine. I function best as a morning person so I'm thinking I may cut down on late nights and schedule myself time in the mornings between 4:30 and 6:30 to alternately work on blogging and art commissions. 


I am clearly professionally unhappy unless I am making art. Every good career shift for me (from giving talks, to SciAm, to my current day job) has drawn from my creative well of surreal scientific visuals. The book I promised myself I would start back in June is still just a few sketches and half-done illustrations. I have some things to say about science, art and how we live among beauty and horror. My artist-ego makes no apology in saying that the world deserves my book. 

So one way or another the Field Guide to Flying Trilobites is gonna start to emerge in 2015.