A Decade: The Flying Trilobite blog turns 10 today

As of today, The Flying Trilobite blog celebrates 10 years of surreal scientific illustration!

Please enjoy this embarrassing throwback blog banner. 

*shiver* there's a decent painting hidden somewhere under lens flare and Trebuchet. 

My sincere thanks to everyone who has popped in and out of my fine art, science communication, social media, and blog writing career so far. It's been appropriately filled with unexpected art and work opportunities, and even more surprising and wonderful friendships. And most of all, thanks to my wife Michelle who has been so supportive of my strange career path. 

The majority of the posts on this blog were written in the hours before dawn, and every time I sat down to sketch, or paint, or blog before I went off to whatever job I had at the time, I was a little more buoyant for the rest of the day. A little stronger, and my mind ticking a little faster. Looking forward to what was next.

I'll never regret getting a bat-winged trilobite tattoo on my arm, because this blog marks about a quarter of my life now. And I'm not stopping. Although it may seem like I blog less often, in reality it's even more, just in more places. I owe it all to carving out this space for myself and for others to step into. 

THERE WILL BE A CONTEST TO MARK THIS MOMENTOUS OCCASION LATER THIS MONTH AND YOU CAN WIN SOME ORIGINAL ART.  It will probably contain a fossil that is not scientifically sound.