Spiny Trilobite

2017 was a rough year, and 2018 has felt like rebuilding. 

I’m going to try and post some new art —a sketch, a painting, a drawing—  every Monday. 


The Flying Trilobite blog is over 11 years old, and despite what looks like inactivity, I still blog, just professionally now. 

The first few years of my blog, I posted new art every Monday - and even when I stopped I had a traffic spike every Monday for years after I gave up the practice. I’m going to attempt to be that disciplined again.  

Every professional advancement in my life has directly or indirectly stemmed from blogging my surreal SciArt, scientific illustrations, and tattoo designs. And it makes me happy. 

While you can’t regress in life, I am finding that looking to the past for sources of calm and happiness seems to help. Drawing is a huge part of that.  

In addition, keep your eye on Symbiartic - I have some new posts coming and I’ve started the arduous process of adding the back catalogue from when we were on Scientific American, re-posting everything by hand. We have ideas for how to take Symbiartic forward.  

Going forward by looking to the past. Blogging, drawing, and sharing.