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Welcome "Blogs of Note" readers!

Yesterday, I had the thrill of coming home and finding out The Flying Trilobite had been listed as one of Google Blogger's, Blogs of Note.

Welcome to the new readers!

I love introducing new people to my Art in Awe of Science, and would like to know more about you. So consider this an open thread to say, introduce yourself, and link back to your own blog. Please feel free to be interesting and not spammy. :-)

A quick intro to who I am: My name is Glendon, and I'm a classically trained oil painter living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I paint mainly using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, and I love science, atheism and the wonder of imagination. All three of which can go hand-in-hand! Mainly, I paint subjects inspired by our pale blue dot's rich evolutionary history. And the occasional comic book character.

My art has been cited on numerous blogs about the intersec
tion between art & science, and I attended ScienceOnline'09 to moderate a discussion session on the subject, and I will be attending the 2010 conference to expand on it, co-hosting with the inimitable Felice Frankel.

You can read more about me at my bio page.

I also sell some reproductions of my art in my online shop, including t-shirts. Last year, I launched a calendar, which I have re-named Collection 1 and is now updated for 2010. I will have a Collection 2 out in the next few weeks.

Some of my top posts in my opinion are:
-The making of Darwin Took Steps.

-My thoughts on Inspiration & Drugs.
-Because of the amount of searches for it, I posted about Flying & Asthma.
-If you follow the label "process", you will find many more "making of" type of posts about how I create my work.
-I'm a member of Art Evolved, a fantastic collection of paleo-artists. Check us out!
-I've created a number of custom blog banners:

I believe in charities, and two I recommend very highly are:
The Beagle Project
Foundation Beyond Belief
Take a look, and see if the promotion of science, wonder and the advancement of people inspires you.

Thanks again for visiting The Flying Trilobite!


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Bring Bing Back!

We gotta bring Bing home.

Bing left home and has sent amazing photos back from across the Pacific. Some with little robots. I know that piqued your interest. Little robots! The photography is all that and a bag of squid-ink chips. (Except for that one where he has a giant Buddha stuck to his head. That's just weird.)

The Son of a Blue Guy is in Japan, and needs to get back to Minnesota. His new friends in Japan want to keep him there. In fact, they have threatened to hold him for ransom unless his North American friends and family do two things:

1. Answer questions about Japan/Nippon culture and cuisine.
2. Donate money to help his mother pay the plane fare for his trip.

It's tempting for a young man to stay in Japan, because so far he has found the food to be awesome and the shopping (even in vending machines) to be, let's say, "unique." In fact, the Japanese students think that if he stays long enough he could use his ninja powers to be Emperor someday. I don't think that this would be a good thing for world peace, as Bing has not worked out his "Megalomania" issues and bad things could happen.
So I've heard. The robots are in the photo for a reason after all.

The question The Flying Trilobite has been assigned to help Bing is:
The name “Japan” is an exonym. Exonyms are place-names not used in the native language nor by the native people. The endonyms for Japan are “Nippon” (formal) or “Nihon” (informal.) The origin of the word “Japan” is traced back to Portuguese sailors who adapted it from the language of:

a. Vietnam
b. Korea
c. Malaysia
d. Hawai'i

Click! Donate some cha-ching to bring Bing back! (A part of me wants him to bring giant conquering Gundams with nunchuk skills.)

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Blogroll Amnesty Day

Blogroll Amnesty Day is a bloggy community event wherein more popular blogs create links to less popular blogs. You can read all about it at Skippy's.

Here are some blogs I'd like to see get even more attention.

-The Day After - art by my friend Chris Zenga, focusing mainly (but not exclusively on) the walking tedd, Zombie Bears many based on different archetypes. Zenga is a socially-conscious horror artist as well and is donating a portion of his print sales to a good cause. It reminds you to be careful 'cuz when you go out to the bloggy woods today, you're in for a big surprise.
-Relationship-a-holic - I value different points of view, and I've started following this blog to get just that. Still in its nascent stages, I'm enjoying the wit and occasional snark.
- Hammered Out Bits - professional blacksmith (yeah, that's right, I said blacksmith!) Darrell Markewitz and his adventures in artistry. This is as hands-on as it gets. Swords from meteorites!
- orchidart - This is a focused blog and focused artist. Personally, I'm always chasing after ideas and things in science which wow me. Artist Garness looks at a single wide-ranging subject and I find these images quiet my mind. I contemplate how they were painted, and how the orchids grow.
- New Minority - Family-man, atheist and soldier, Jones is a commenter here who looks at the world from a rare vantage point.

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Pucker & Bloat have a new fan

Here's our 3 year old hermit crab Shiny enjoying Pucker & Bloat from the Cephalopodcast.

I've added an abundance of new bloggy-peeps to my blog lists since ScienceOnline'09. And the content is entirely appropriate for 3-year old hermit crabs! Educational and fun.

As you can see, Shiny is sporting his fah-bulous leopard print shell. Almost grown out if it, the big boy!

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In preparation for some other changes, I have decided to move my blogroll into a post. I'll keep a link in the sidebar, and will be adding and frequently updating a "Blog List" of feeds of some of my favourites. Bear with me, and my apologies if this bit of housekeeping has shown up in your RSS feed or inbox unwanted.

For now, I will be keeping the widget and Atheist Blogroll's-most-recent-25 in the sidebar. The Blog List I'll be adding will feature blogs I love, mainly not in the other two lists.

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