Cloak and Dagger wip

Decided late last night to get cracking on another Marvel Comics image for fun.  Below, the start of my work-in-progress of Cloak and Dagger, being done with ArtRage Studio Pro.

I've always liked these two, ever since their half-book run in Strange Tales opposite Dr. Strange.  Artist Bret Blevins' take on the pair defines them for me, though I loved Kevin Nowlan's covers. This series introduced the sinister Mr. Jip (and also had the best Dr. Strange stories ever, after he destroyed all the ancient talismans that protect Earth in order to save his friends. He becomes super evil to save the world.)

Art by Carl Potts and Bret Blevins

Dagger is a teen dancer, and should be lithe, but it often portrayed in a really voluptuous way which I don't think fits this character. Her costume is revealing, but also carries a really simple design that would work well even without all the skin showing. Cloak's skin is supposed to appear sort of like old wood, so I'll see what I can do in this image to grant that effect, though most will be in shadow. 

For this image, I wanted to have more mystery, and an air of menace. We'll see how it turns out. 

Here's some previous sketches I posted a couple of years back:

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Fanboy Monday: Cloak & Dagger sketches

Lately I've been filling my sketchbook with some of my favourite characters from various pop culture franchises in a very fanboy-ish manner. So for the month of August, expect each Art Monday to feature something fun and different from usual Flying Trilobite fare.

Cloak & Dagger are two of my favourite Marvel Comics characters, created by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan. The duo are teen runaways who were forced to take a fictional, experimental synthetic heroin, which unleashed their powers. They have fought alongside superhero staples such as Spider-Man, the Punisher and Dr. Strange in their efforts to stop the drug trade, lead normal lives and rescue the innocent. I drew these two in my trusty Moleskine Folio book.

Cloak's real name is Tyrone Johnson. He's a nice guy, a stutterer and he suffers from low self-esteem. When he is Cloak, he can travel through darkness, sweep the guilty into his cloak and the demons within will feed on their guilt. Or their "light". Or their minds. It's a bit vague, which helps with both science-y and magical plots. Unlike his alter-ego Tyrone, Cloak is haughty, brooding and does not stutter. Both as Cloak and Tyrone, he worries he's not good enough for Dagger, on whom he depends to feed him with light to keep the demons inside his cloak.

Tandy Bowen is a rich kid who ran away, and met Tyrone at the bus station. She was an excellent dancer, at one point became blind (with some well-researched stories about what that's like by writer Terry Austin). She can throw light 'daggers' at criminals and infuse them with a sort of pure goodness, painful to their evil bodies. The blindness got better.

Costume-wise, these two represent for me comic characters at their most iconic. Cloak's deep blue and black costume with only his human face -invariably with glowing eyes, and sometimes deep lines- is mysterious and spirit-like. I wanted to show here that his cloak is not always a solid article of clothing, but more unreal, like a piece of fabric you could be lost in.

Dagger on the other hand has one of the only excuses for a superhero to be wearing tights. She's a dancer, and in battle usually gracefully leaps toward the villain hurtling light-daggers at the foe. The deep cutout dagger shape on the skin-tight costume gives her an almost scandalous look, which really doesn't come out in her personality. And I love that weird circle around her right eye.

These days, usually both male and female comic characters have unrealistic bodies, but Cloak's swirling costume, and Dagger's skinny physique are different from that.

Hmm. I will see what I can do about oil painting these two and using Gimp to assemble the final piece.

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Next week: more Marvel!
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