Trilobite Boy through the eyes of Eric Orchard

I think this is the first time in my life I have ever commissioned a painting. And I'm stunned by its strange and wonderful otherness. Go check out my character Trilobite Boy as painted by award winning illustrator and my good friend Eric Orchard

On Symbiartic, the art and science blog on Scientific American. 

Trilobite Boys - Big Plans, Little Brains

A real birthday treat! 

Morgan Jackson, sent me this wonderful mash-up via Twitter this morning:

He even dug deep into my bloggy archives and included Ana and her pet Opabinia
Thanks Morgan!  Funny stuff. And yeah, his Trilobite Boy's (or should I call him T-Boy?  Seems more appropriate) habit of wearing white tanks fits in perfectly. I'll have to illustrate him in plaid next. 

Love this